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Beauty and Love are the two important ingredients that brew the most powerful blend of elegance.The society has kept Beauty on a pedestal so high, that it seems so implausible and far-fetched. While beauty was supposed to be natural and confirming, it is now something that has lost its essence.Desperate times call for desperate measures, how could we let today’s consumers make their buying decisions based on redundant notions. The Love Co.’s brand philosophy is simple and organic. We understand that our customers deserve products that are safer, more effective and better than the best. Besides that, our brand advocates transparency which is why we combine beauty with integrity to bring you natural organic skincare products. Our brand drives on the power of love. Love is the peace found in solitude. Love is Comfort. It is the familiarity found in the smell of attar on your mother’s wrists as she slowly runs her fingers along with your hair after a tiring day, or the feel of handmade soap, infused with the goodness of ‘Kesar’ or Tea tree oil, which brings back the memories of your Grandma’s caress in your childhood. Love is feeling good in your skin. Love is miraculously enchanting!

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