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Myra Veda - LUXURY ESCAPE Pamper Hamper - Ensemble of 8

Myra Veda - LUXURY ESCAPE Pamper Hamper - Ensemble of 8

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  • World's 1st #Sustainable #CleanBeauty brand that COMBINES Exotic Ingredients from Different Cultures Around The World Botanicals WITH #Ayurvedic Botanicals.

Description of product

The Diwali, bring the goodness and glow of #Clean & #Green Beauty Products for your loved ones; topping it up with a hint of cheerful chocolate sweetness. Spread cracker-free brightness with Myra Veda's thoughtfully curated, Exclusive Limited Edition, Luxury Escape Organic Gift Hampers.

Whether you're looking for THE PERFECT GIFT or just some self-indulgence; an exuberant splurge or a budget-friendly token, this range of curated hampers is for you.

Let our hamper take you into the world of beautiful aromas reminiscent of different cultures and fragrance palettes of the World.

This Beautiful Extra-Large Gift Hamper Box includes:

1. Diwali Special: Italian Bergamot Essential Oil + Diffuser + Tea Light Candle together with Complimentary Handwritten Diwali Greeting Card

2. Loykas Original Almond Brittle Chocolates (Pack fo 15 Pieces)- A sinful combination of Rosted Almonds, Salty Caramel & Dark Chocolate.

3. Turkish Rose, Almond, Saffron & Goat Milk Lotion (50ml)- Long lasting moisturizing lotion with Turkish Roses, Iranian Saffron, Goat Milk and Sweet Almonds from Spain, that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling soft, hydrated and extremely supple.

4. Madagascar Coconut Milk & Mandarin Nectarizing Body Wash (50ml) - Take a dip in the tropical wonderland of Madagascar with the Madagascar Coconut Milk & Mandarin Nectarizing Body Wash that nourishes your skin deeply for a refreshing bathing experience.

5. Pure Rose Water (100ml)- Take a trip down Ancient Middle east with the Finest Rose water made from fresh Steam- Distilled petals of the highest quality Damask Roses. Indulge in the Therapeutic effects of this Pure Skin Elixir and watch it hydrate and revitalize your skin and control excess oil while maintaining your skins PH balance.

6. Organic Damask Rose Gel

7. French Pink Clay- Rediscover your gorgeous glow with our French Pink Clay - harvested from the rarest of bentonite; set to reinvigorate your complexion, refine pores & boost radiance instantly.

8. Dead Sea Minerals Bath Soak with Therapeutic Essential Oils (300g)- Formulated with a fragrant blend of therapeutic essential oils and salts of Epsom, Himalayan Pink and Dead Sea Minerals, these luxurious bath salts soften skin, soothe aching muscles and ease the mind, body, spirit and soul.

****The color of the diffuser might differ from that shown in the image depending on the availability of the product. There are various Diffuser colors available with Myra Veda.


IngredientsAlmond Brittle Chocolate, Bath Soak, Any Organic Clay , Pure Rose Water, Organic Soya Wax Candle , Turkish Rose, Almond, Saffron & Goat Milk Lotion, Madagascar Coconut Milk & Mandarin Nectarizing Body Wash, 24 Kt Gold Gel with Vitamin C Rich, Bergamot Essential Oil with Diffuser and Tea Light Candle
BrandMyra Veda

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