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Myra Veda Exclusive Large Pamper Hamper (Cream + Gel + Solid )

Myra Veda Exclusive Large Pamper Hamper (Cream + Gel + Solid )

₹2,840   (15% OFF)

  • World's 1st #Sustainable #CleanBeauty brand that COMBINES Exotic Ingredients from Different Cultures Around The World Botanicals WITH #Ayurvedic Botanicals.

Description of product

Whether you're looking for THE PERFECT GIFT or just some self-indulgence, this hamper is for you.

1. Pure Rose Water - Take a trip down Ancient Middle east with the Finest Rose water made from fresh Steam- Distilled petals of the highest quality Damask Roses.

2. French Pink Clay - Rediscover your skins gorgeous glow with our French Pink Clay harvested from the rarest of bentonite; set to reinvigorate your complexion, refine your pores & boost radiance instantly!

3. Glacial Green Clay from New Zealand - Made from a rare deposit of Green Nontronite, our immaculate clay will cleanse & detoxify your skin like no other, making you feel rejuvenated & transcend you to the pristine world of nature!

4. Handcrafted Coconut Milk Soap - This luxurious Hand-crafted Coconut milk soap bar is made with all things natural. With a luxurious blend of saponified oils of coconut, Olive, Japanese Camellia and with the added moisture from Raw Ghanaian Shea Butter, Belgian Cocoa Butter, Indian Mango butter and Coconut milk.

5. Handcrafted 24KT Gold Soap - Take solace in our 24Kt Edible Gold Leaves infused magically formulated soap bar. Nourish your skin with the oil infusions of Coconut, Olive, Japanese Camellia, Moroccan Argan together with aloe vera and vitamin E; that penetrate to the deepest layers of your skin, bestowing supple, moisturised and Midas's touch-like radiance. Both Soaps are beautifully tied together in a rustic burlap bag.


IngredientsPure Steam Distilled Damask Rose Water, Pure French Pink Clay
BrandMyra Veda

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