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Lavender & Shea Butter Cold Processed Soap 130 gm

Lavender & Shea Butter Cold Processed Soap 130 gm


Sold By: Elynn
  • Cleanses skin without stripping off its natural oils or breaking the natural moisture barrier of the skin. Earth friendly.
  • Inspired by the dreamy lavender fields of France, this beautiful cold pressed handmade bathing bar with shea butter is a real treat to use. Its super smooth and creamy texture feels like feather on the skin, and cleanses without stripping off the skin's natural moisture.

Description of product

This beautiful cold pressed handcrafted bathing soap with shea butter is a genuine delight to use, inspired by the peaceful lavender meadows of France.

Its ultra-lightweight, creamy texture feels like a feather on the skin and washes without depriving the skin of its natural moisture.


IngredientsLavender, Shea Butter
Full IngredientsShea Butter*, Olive Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Castor Oil*, Lavender Fragrance Oil, Micas, NaOH *Cold Pressed Oils & Unrefined Butter(s)
How to UseWet the soap and work up lather between your palms. Apply this lather on to your skin and rinse well. Avoid contact with eyes. Some people may be allergic to natural products. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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