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Detox & Uplift Gift Set


Sold By: Elynn

Description of product

Our Unwind Essentials Gift Set is perfect for relaxing your body and senses. It comes with our herbaceous & relaxing roll-on in the variant Divvya (de-stressing blend), Nourishing Treatment for Hand & Cuticles in The Zen Blend, with our bestselling Moroccan Red Clay & Charcoal Detoxifying and a mini Apparel Mist.

Apparel Mist: Our delicately fragrant Apparel Mists are scented using pure essential oils, CO2 Extracts, and blended using naturally derived emulsifiers. A luxurious multi-use product, these mists can be used to freshen up your bed linen, wardrobes, curtains or even clothes.

Scented with a soothing and uplifting fragrance, this spa bar is a great way for those looking to have a quick spa session at home. It is enriched with Moroccan red clay / Rhassoul clay, goat's milk and activated charcoal, all of which are great for detoxifying the skin and drawing out impurities from the skin.


Brand Elynn

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