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Careberry Organic Rosemary & Jojoba Anti Dandruff Hair Oil | For Dry & Itchy Scalp | Suits All Hair Types (200ml)

₹629 200 ml
₹699   (10% OFF)

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Sold By: Careberry
  • Eliminates dandruff naturally
  • Curbs excess oil production
  • Restores scalp health
  • Organic
  • Cold pressed Organic

Description of product

Our scalps do a really good job at protecting us. However, we don’t realize how many dangers they battle. Scalps are covered with hair, and there is no way for us to notice when things go bad unless it starts being sticky, itchy or flaky. Carberry's Rosemary & Jojoba Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is created to specifically cater to itchy & irritable scalps without bombarding them with harmful chemicals.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Restore Scalp Health
  • Get rid of red & itchy scalp
  • Eliminate flakiness in scalp
  • Curb excess oil production
  • Eliminate Dandruff

Why We Love It : 

• If an irritable & itchy scalp is an issue you’ve ever faced in the past, this hair oil is all you need. The product is carefully formulated after considering all the trouble people go through when it comes to scalp health.
• A flaky scalp is a huge turn-off & indicates bad hygiene. The Rosemary oil in this product helps you get rid of itchiness & flakiness.
• One of the biggest causes of scalp infections is the clogged dirt in the hair. The oil deep cleans the hair by dissolving the sebum & the dirt. This helps in eliminating dandruff & avoiding scalp infections.
• If used with Careberry’s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner, you will get to see thicker & fuller looking tresses. That too, without exposing yourself to harmful chemicals!

Know What's Inside :  Cold Pressed Organic Essential Oils Of: Jojoba Oil | Rosemary oil | Almond Oil | Sunflower oil | Vitamin E | Sesame Oil.

Our No List : No Cruelty | No Sulphate | No Paraben | No Gluten | No GMO | No PEG | No Silicones | No Artificial Fragrance | No Artificial Color | No Mineral Oil | No Harmful Chemicals


Brand Careberry

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