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Careberry Hemp seed oil & Agave Oil moisturizing Shampoo(300ml) + Conditioner(300ml) for Damaged & Stressed Hair | GMP By Ayush Certified | Silicones, Gluten, GMO, PEG, Paraben & Sulphate Free (Pack of 2)

₹1,398   (10% OFF)

Sold By: Careberry

Description of product

The absence of harmful chemicals makes it an ideal shampoo and conditioner to be used every day, which will help you clean your hair, especially if it gets exposed to grime & dirt on a daily basis. Adequate moisture levels are of paramount importance, when it comes to good hair health & protection from dry & frizzy hair. The synergistic combination of superior ingredients like Agave, Shea Butter & Silk Protein provide just the right amount of moisture to your hair. The silk protein present in this shampoo provides a perfect environment for strong, shiny & lustrous hair. The conditioner is a great for deep cleaning your hair. Ingredients like Aloe Vera extract & Shea Butter ensure dirt & grime-free hair throughout the day!


Ingredients Hemp Seed Oil & Agave Oil
How to Use Wet your hair & scalp, apply an appropriate amount & gently massage to activate a rich lather, wait 2 to 3 minutes to remove impurities from pores, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out excess moisture before applying conditioner.
Full Ingredients Hemp Seed Oil | Agave Oil | Silk Protein | Shea Butter | Amla | Reetha | Bhringraj | Shakhakai | Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein | Glycerin | Guar Gum | Aloe vera & Purified Water-Q.S.
Brand Careberry

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