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Brand Story

About the brands


Elynn is a luxury bath and body care brand. It’s owner Suhasini Jaipuria discovered the secret ingredients in skincare rituals in different countries during her travels. She put her knowledge to practice to create handcrafted soaps, thereby making bathing a luxurious experience. Elynn offers a wide range of beautiful soaps with ingredients that cater to a variety of skincare needs. Elynn soaps are all-natural and vegetarian and come in sustainable packaging.

Myra Veda

Myra Veda by Eesha Bhatia was born out of her curiosity about the impact of chemicals in beauty products leading to carcinogen. She conceptualized Myra Veda as a sustainable and green beauty brand with a zero-waste policy and commitment toward women empowerment. The brand has hair and skin products addressing common concerns with naturally rich ingredients and no harmful chemicals.


Careberry seeks to uplift and nurture Everybody and Every Body, our mission is to inspire people to be the healthiest versions of themselves, connect them back to nature and celebrate each individual’s unique beauty. We are determined to prove that nothing made from chemiclas in laboratories could rival the healing powers of nature. This has motivated us to apply deep knowledge of Ayurveda, Botanicals and Natural Healing formulas to cultivate, nurture and restore your hair and skin to its optimal health.


The wisdom of Ayurveda meets mother’s love in Trnatva. As a niche sustainable beauty brand, Trnatva is focused on creating handcrafted products with 100% natural and pure ingredients. The brand has zero tolerance for synthetic ingredients and is cruelty-free. Crafted with love and care, Trnatva products cover a wide range of solutions for the face, eyes, lips, body and hair.

The Love Co.

The Love Co is born to thrive on the force of nature, born from nature, and thriving on natural ingredients. We aim to create products that make their presence felt not just in the vanity, but the heart, because that's where love belongs.  Experience what's real and embrace the authentic beauty to radiate with the juicy ingredients that you can squeeze, touch, and feel, that you can find in nature and that you have spent your childhood with. 

The brand believes in using real ingredients with enlivened formulas cherished with an aroma to whisk you away to the world of love, which is beautiful. As a brand, we are deeply involved in the origin and processes of age-old beauty practices, and we want to carry forward those values and strengthen the roots of Indian beauty. Our wide range of products is accentuated with ingredients like Sandalwood, Kesar, Cherry Blossoms to preserve your skin sanity. We are committed to delivering skin-conscious beauty as we care deeply about your skin.