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Buy TRNATVA Products Online

Buy TRNATVA Products Online

Trnatva - Beauty Meets Ayurveda<...

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Trnatva - Beauty Meets Ayurveda

It started with exploration for Ayurveda, love for Nature and care for our beautiful Self.

After collecting various books, texts and Mother's Secrets, we expanded our knowledge of Ayurvedic Beauty and launched Trnatva in September 2018.

All Trnatva products are Handcrafted with love, in small batches. We use only 100% Natural and Pure ingredients, with none of the synthetic nastiness! All our ingredients are handpicked locally in India. And we test our products only on Humans.

Our every bottle contains all the goodness of natural ingredients and lots and lots of Love!

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Glow Face Pack
₹319   ₹375   (15% OFF)
Fortifying Hair Pack
₹1,147   ₹1,350   (15% OFF)
Smoothening Lip Scrub
₹336   ₹395   (15% OFF)
Rosy Lip Balm
₹238   ₹280   (15% OFF)
Anti - Acne Face Pack
₹251   ₹295   (15% OFF)
Hemp Lip Balm
₹495   ₹550   (10% OFF)