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Personal Care in monsoon

Monsoon is the most awaited season as it brings relief from hot summer. The feeling of being over-energized overtakes us, making us feel like carefree children. We all love dancing in the rain and making our souls dance.

But Monsoon Blues is also a real thing and which is why personal care should be of utmost importance.

Here are some tips, to enjoy this season hassle-free:


The muggy and gloomy weather can dampen your spirit while pushing you into a state of depression. And to add to that, the traffic on road can stress you out. But it is possible to cheer yourself up in this weather.

Here are a few ways tips to beat stress during this season:

  • Get enough sleep: It would be best not to stay up late working or watching a web series. When your body gets enough sleep, your body gets the rest they need to fight off whatever comes their way — like a cold or the flu.
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatic essential oils medicinally improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. To keep your mood up, use essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and Eucalyptus. You can simply add them to body lotions or carrier oils, and then apply them topically or diffuse the oils throughout a room or pour them into a bath.

Prayanama: Our hectic schedules overwhelm us so much that we never get the time to focus on ourselves.

Prayanama is the practice of breath regulation. Practising Pranayama revitalizes pranic energy. Doing it regularly can calm the mind and optimize health.

Monsoon diseases

The rainy season brings a host of diseases and infections that can pose a serious range of threats. But the good news is you can prevent these diseases by taking simple measures.

Here are few tips for you

  • We have heard it too many times and we will say it again - Stagnant water lead to the breeding of mosquitoes. So check your surroundings
  • Turmeric milk is one of the most famous ‘dadi maa ka nuskha’. Drinking a glass of haldi doodh will help you stay away from the viral flu.
  • Ginger helps in boosting immunity. It is a natural antibiotic, which can be useful in curing cholera. Use it for both medicinal and culinary purposes!

What is better than enjoying a cup of hot beverage during the monsoon! Beverages like tea, coffee, lemon tea, soups help in keeping us warm and hydrated.

Body ache

Joints pain is something that one may experience during the monsoon. You may have observed that an old injury begins to ache more during this season. Well! blame it on the rains.

Here are few tips for you

  • Oil massage is one of the most effective home remedies to get rid of body aches during monsoon. Sesame seed oil, mustard oil, and coconut oil work best for joint pain.
  • Now is the best time to start exercising. Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and plays the role of natural treatment for body pain in monsoon


We all love our monsoon food like chai-pakoda, Masala maggie, or Anda-pav but keeping our immune system up and running are also important. Mindful eating behaviors, and choosing seasonal food is the key to good health.

Here are some diet tips:

  • Fluids: Staying hydrated is one of the most essential things during monsoon. Consume homemade kadhas, herbal teas, lukewarm water, and soups. These drinks are rehydrating and maintain electrolyte balance and boost immunity.
  • Eat Seasonal Fruits: If you have not already included fruits in your diet then now would be a good time to start! Fruits like apple, Jamun, litchi, plum, cherry, peach, papaya, pear, and pomegranate are some of the best additions to your diet to improve the immune system. These fruits improve digestion and trigger the immune response.
  • Vegetables: The old saying “eating your greens” is a piece of good advice. Vegetables like bottle guard, methi, bitter gourd, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumbers, and radish are the best additions to your diet. As these vegetables are rich in antioxidants.

With simple measures, you can enjoy this season without worrying about your health.

Stay safe and happy

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