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Do you have your skincare AM/PM routine sorted?

First things first, learn your skin. Just randomly using overhyped products only because you saw it on the internet might worsen your skin condition. So, understanding what your skin exactly needs is extremely important. Once you have cracked that, it’s time to build your own skincare routine.

Your AM / PM skin needs are different (read that again!) It is also important to know the order one in which products should be applied. Here are some pointers that might help.

For your AM skincare: cleanse, toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen!

Cleansing: Remember to choose a light cleanser according to your skin type. Pro Tip: cleanse twice !!

Toning: It will help to shrink your pores and maintain its PH balance.

Serum: Serums play an important role because they go deep into those layers of your skin and help in repairing them.

Moisturizer: Always choose a moisturizer that is best for your skin type. And remember expensive doesn’t always mean the best!

Sunscreen: Ladies and gentlemen, the most important step of your morning routine have to be this. You step out of the house or not it doesn’t matter, you have got to apply your sunscreen.

Pro tip: apply sunscreen 2 - 3 times during the day.

PM skincare: makeup remover, cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream and night cream.


Exfoliating is also a very important step in your PM skincare. Try to exfoliate during the night because it gives your skin the time to repair and exfoliating might make your skin photosensitive. 

Also, some peeps here are way too over-exfoliating. Ideally, it should be done 1 - 2 times a week depending on what your skin needs.

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