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All About Clean Beauty

Gone are the days where you could get away by buying a random beauty product from the drugstore and making it a part of your beauty routine.

Consumers have come a long way from that. Today, it’s all about being aware of products that you would put on your skin.

Now we know that reading the labels of beauty products may be a tad bit difficult but that’s where your trusted influencers come in! And if you’ve been following the top-notch beauty bloggers for a while now then you’d know how obsessed they are with the idea of ‘Clean Beauty’.

If you don’t already know what clean beauty is then let us enlighten you.

Clean beauty is associated with natural beauty, green beauty and all other types of beauty that deviate from the norm. Any product or brand that falls under the category of clean beauty means that they are big on clean ingredients and have a transparent label to prove it!

You know your products are clean when they don't have ...

 Parabens, Fragrances, Aluminium compounds, Ethoxylated agents, Hydroquinone, Talc, Silica, Triclosan, Oxybenzone


As for labels, when a brand mentions all the ingredients on their product, you can be assured that they are on the right track.

You may be wondering why we’re so obsessed with clean beauty? It’s simple! Why would you want to invest in expensive products that will only harm your skin in the long run? Instead, make an effort to know more about the products and their ingredients which will only benefit you.

Time to say no to those cute-looking products with toxic ingredients and invest in natural and miraculous ones instead!

Choose Clean Beauty Products... always

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